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About us


Managing Director: David Micic

Micic & Partners started as a family-office back in 2011, expanded steadily and welcomed third party investors in 2015. Furthermore the business areas Consulting and Advisory Agency were added to the portfolio of the company. Micic & Partners was not only founded to generate profits as an asset management company, but also to bring together business partners and to realize an additional value for its clients.

Micic & Partners as a family business was founded by Dejan Micic. He has relevant work experience in several European and Asian countries in the audit and consulting industry. In 2021 David Micic became the Managing Director. With the German-speaking countries as our basis and personal knowledge about the most relevant markets between Lisbon and Vladivostok, we consider this whole economic space as our home market.


Founder: Dejan Micic

Our philosophy

We are living in times, where you have to take brave decisions on a regular basis, follow new paths and reinvent yourself consistently. We want to maintain this essential flexibility for our clients. The world is continuously changing and is influenced by the dynamics of many factors. Our aim is to use all of those aspects and to continue with increasing the quality of our services to even higher standards.

The focus group of our services are corporate clients, as well as high-net-worth individuals, the most important participants of our society. Together with our clients, based on mutual trust, innovative consulting methods, passion, motivation and diversified experiences, we want to go ahead of the competitors instead of only trying to keep their pace.


Today it is no matter of course anymore, but we have the highest compliance-standards to ourselves and demand those same of each of our cooperation- and business-partners. Sustainable and responsible decisions are our core focus at any time – this is why in our opinion no business deal at all is a better alternative, instead of a business deal which would let us forget our ethical and moral believes we courageously fight for.

Social responsibility

A noteworthy part of our energy and time is invested in numerous charitable projects. We are working together with various organizations, regionally mainly active in Germany and the Balkans, not only to help children, the disadvantaged and deprived, but above all to make impossible things turn into reality – even if this is happening thorough little things like our physical engagement or knowledge transfer! It is part of our DNA to get involved and to vouch for more togetherness.


You have questions regarding us and our business model? Feel free to contact us at any time, we are looking forward to answer your enquiries.

Micic International Consulting
UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Unterer Malmenweg 18

72202 Nagold

DE - Germany

Phone:      +49 (0) 7452 / 63 99 69 1


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