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Our strategy

At times of low interest-rates and political instability you have a right to ask for a new generation of asset management. Having  ten years of expertise in managing assets and alternative investments, Micic & Partners is aiming at securing both, the assets we are entrusted with, as well as the generated profits.

We are investing in liquid securities and are deciding on a basis of opportunity- and value-driven strategies, by searching for underpriced investment opportunities in international financial markets, the art world as well as real estate.

Our hub: Montenegro

Montenegro is not only the perfect country for your summer and winter vacation, but offers you a financial hub other countries are not able to. Using the euro as national currency, combined with political stability and the potential case of becoming a part of the European Union, it offers you the upmost security for your assets.


Micic & Partners relies on a solid network in the financial industry. With business-partners in the main financial hubs we are offering our investors various investment opportunities, which guarantee a reasonable diversification of assets by regional as well as strategic aspects.

Real Estate

Alternative Investments

You are searching for real estate and commercial properties? Our network provides you the access to highly profitable and secure investments in the real estate sector of Germany and chosen European countries. We are not only enabling you to realize your dreams, but also gain substantial profits.

Art and classic cars primarily have an emotional value for their owners, however, assets of this kind can also be used as a reliable investment. Micic & Partners will help you to enlarge and diversify your collection by introducing you to potential buyers and sellers along with assisting in acquisitions and negotiations.


Contact us for an exclusive advisory. As an experienced advisory boutique we are looking forward to advising you in the fields mentioned above.

Micic International Consulting
UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Unterer Malmenweg 18

72202 Nagold

DE - Germany

Phone:      +49 (0) 7452 / 63 99 69 1


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