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Strategic Advisory

The key behind a future success often lies within the entrepreneurial basis of having and building a solid strategy. We help entrepreneurs grow in a right and efficient manner by applying such customized strategies. The contemporary economic environment is ever changing, meaning that business strategies and entrepreneurial tools have to shift simultaneously. We will convince you with our creative and efficient solutions in order to design your future.

- Strategic planning

- Group strategy and portfolio management

- Business transactions and integrations

- Strategy for individual business units

- Vision and mission

- Sustainability


In all of the above: You can count on us and our professional experience.


In rare instances, where it seems like there is no way out, a third independent party might be the only solution to any derailed business situation. Our goal is to bring you back on track with all necessary means. We will work together to satisfy the interests of all affected parties and reach adequate solutions for continuing success – since this is exactly where you belong.

We do not differentiate between business management consulting, customer support, staff support, internal or external media and banking communication when it comes to discretion and trust. We take our work and absolute commitment very seriously and have never failed to prove this. We are experienced in crisis and debt management as well as the structuring and restructuring of any business kind.

Financial Structuring

We support midsize businesses and start-ups by bringing overall capital spending down and ensuring future steady capital flows through smart investments and funding. This requires professional business structuring which satisfies investors and benefits the company. Furthermore, we provide you with realistic future objectives and key results, profit and loss calculations and prepare you for the process of equity capital raising by helping you choose the right network and funding body.

Moreover, we are not only committed to your business but also to your personal decisions as manager of an enterprise or as an high-net-worth individual concerning a suitable pension plan, smart real-estate investments, advice on mortgages or getting suitable insurance to guarantee your safety. As your economic advisors, we will ensure that you avoid any missteps and provide you with independency and options for the future.

Eastern European Advisory

The Eastern European market is often diverse and does not follow a typical or homogenous structure. Due to our extensive research and experience concerning this particular markets we have a great advantage as we can use previously built connections to private and public institutions. We use this advantage to optimize any process, solve your particular problem while keeping compliance standards as high as ever. 

If you have not yet expanded but wish to plan a future within the Eastern European environment, we help you structure the perfect strategy to enter a new exciting economic system. We will connect you with the right people and find the most suitable location for your business. We will guide you through the exact process of your expansion and train you to find the most successful ways around the extraordinary mentality and culture of the Eastern world. Furthermore, we will advise you and the risks and possible speedbumps on your route to success. 

Business Development

We will help you to establish yourself within new emerging markets, to expand and maximize your ability as a business. Our guidance will reach from planning your future to realising it. This process will take place as a step by step basis which will take you through resource planning, deal making, staff choosing and the solution to any queries such as legal customs and cross boarder implications.

The process is not only concentrated on increasing profits but also on strengthening and preparing internal marketing structures and the game of complex business philosophy. This customized approach will help you establish yourself in the right and efficient manner and therefore avoid any unnecessary troubles early or later on. 

Training & Coaching

Employees count as the greatest resource a business can have. Having an educated, highly motivated and engaged employee is an automatic success factor for your business, which is why Training and Coaching is essential. We work with highly experienced professionals in order to produce the most adequate approach for internal staff training as well as management and leadership coaching for executive staff within the following fields: 

- Client orientation and quality 

- Motivation and problem solving 

- Sale strategies and communication skills 

- Intercultural competencies 


Our focus is to attain your individual aims and to help you become even better than you already are. We are looking forward to hearing from you and to schedule a meeting to discuss your needs and wishes.

Micic International Consulting
UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Unterer Malmenweg 18

72202 Nagold

DE - Germany

Phone:      +49 (0) 7452 / 63 99 69 1


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