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The contemporary economic environment is ever changing, meaning that business strategies and entrepreneurial tools have to shift simultaneously. We help entrepreneurs grow in a right and efficient manner by applying customized strategies. At any time you can rely on a relationship based on mutual trust. As entrepreneurs we understand your companies’ priorities! Your goals are our interest and your success is our bonus!

Asset Protection

At times of low interest-rates and political instability you have a right to ask for a new generation of asset management. We support you to ensure the essential and profitable diversification of your assets. We relie on a solid network in the financial industry and offer investors various investment opportunities, which guarantee a reasonable diversification of assets by regional as well as strategic aspects. Learn more about the bespoke services our network provides.

Our Network

You are searching for a specialized lawyer, tax advisor or auditor nationally as well as internationally? Then we are your preferred and independent advisory agency! We are going to find a suitable partner, assist you with the realisation of your projects and will be achieving your goals together. Profit of our large scale network in more than 50 countries! Success starts with choosing the right partner!

A network of partners in the fields of Law, Tax and Audit in 45 countries around the world

Why Micic & Partners?

We had serious problems in one of our core markets, Micic & Partners was immediately on the ground and found sustainable solutions.

- Owner of an international industrial enterprise

We are absolutely convinced by the creative solutions and innovative strategies that Micic & Partners implemented.

- Managing Director of a medium-sized crafts enterprise

As a Start-Up we had a moderate budget, nevertheless Micic & Partners helped us to successfully expand into new markets!

- Board Member of a German Start-Up


You have questions regarding us and our business model? Feel free to contact us at any time, we are looking forward to answer your enquiries.

Micic International Consulting

UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Unterer Malmenweg 18

72202 Nagold

DE - Germany


Phone:              +49 (0) 7452 / 63 99 69 1


Representative Office Montenegro

Obala bb

85320 Tivat

MNE - Montenegro

Phone:              +49 (0) 7452 / 63 99 69 1


Representative Office Serbia

Ulica Kralja Milana 17

11000 Belgrad

RS - Serbia

Phone:             +49 (0) 7452 / 63 99 69 1


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